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About The Artist

I have always been interested in crafts such as beadwork and crocheting, anything that I can create with my hands.  In 2005 I learned to make my first pendant and discovered my passion for glass.  I registered The Flowing Crystall as my business name shortly thereafter and continued to apprentice under and learn from local glass artists in North County San Diego, California. 


Once I familiarized myself with borosilicate glass I ventured out on my own and built a studio in 2008. After that I met who is now my husband, Jeremy, before his deployment to Afghanistan as a Navy Seabee.  When he returned from overseas we moved back to his home town of Addison, New York in January of 2011.


After moving to Addison I took classes at the local Corning Museum of Glass to explore other types of glass besides borosilicate.  The glass world lay at my fingertips.  I then built a new glass studio at our home in Addison where I continue to do what I love, which is my passion for lamp working: making pendants, earrings, and other charms with borosilicate glass.  When I am in my studio it is as if the world outside stands still.  My love for glass came down to three simple rules: knowledge, repetition, and dedication.  With those three simple rules I am able to put my heart and mind into the glass art that I am creating.  Art is the reason that my heart beats.  Want to show your support and follow any new products I am creating?  Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for real time updates!  Links are below!

"Creativity is contagious.

      -Pass it on."

            ---Albert Einstein

"If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life."   --- Mark Anthony


The Artist, Elisabeth Newell lampworking borosilicate glass
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The Artist, Elisabeth Newell lampworking borosilicate glass
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