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Amber Blown Glass Opal Pendant

Amber Blown Glass Opal Pendant

SKU: FC1076

This is the perfect gift for an expecting mother or a new mom to show them that you care. This pendant was delicately created with the mother figure in mind. This Blown Glass Encased White Opal Pendant is the exact one that you will receive and it is backed in a green and amber purple color, the purple and green hues compliment the tumbled white opal nicely, making the opal pop with different colors depending on the light and angle of the pendant. Opals are excellent gifts for mothers or mothers-to-be because they resonate with the Mother Goddess. Opals are known to be a supporter of emotion, especially for those mothers who have a fear of childbirth. Opals are known to alleviate the fears during pregnancy and the early months of a baby's life and bring hope and prosperity to both the mother and child.


Height: 1 9/16 inches

Width: 13/16 inches


Oxygen and propane are used to heat a torch, and the glass is manipulated in the flame into the shape of a pendant, and annealed in a kiln. Pendant is one of a kind and hand made with love out of borosilicate glass in my home studio in Addison, NY. I am affiliated with the "Made in Corning" brand which I proudly display with each pendant. Free gift bag included with every purchase! It's uniqueness is great for gift giving because it is one of a kind. Visit my About Section to learn about my story and how I got started in lampworking and glassblowing. 1 Purchase - 1 Happy Artisan

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